WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Scary moments for a Wilson County teen who started choking on pieces of a water bottle in the middle of his classroom.

The heroic act was all caught on dramatic surveillance video.

Earlier this month, a student at Green Hill High School started choking on the floor of a classroom. School Resource Officer Chase Dillard stepped, in saving the boy’s life with moments to spare.

The school nurse working to dislodge the object stuck in the boys throat, but no luck.

That’s when the Officer Dillard rushes in, picks the student up and, after a few seconds, the object is forced out of the boys throat.

“After the fact, it was a sigh of relief because I knew that I had done my job successfully,” Dillard said.

Officer Dillard has been training to save lives for a while now as an 11-year veteran with the Wilson County sheriff’s office.

“From all the years being at the sheriff’s office in my early 20’s to when I started here. I credit all my training to the sheriff’s office and my experience working out on street patrol and of the different situations I’ve been in,” Dillard said.

May 5 is a day Officer Dillard says he won’t forget.