Wilson County Schools are closed for the remainder of the week after several absences due to sickness.

This impacts all schools in the district, including the Kids Club Program and TLC Learning Centers.

“I do think it’s a good idea,” said Wilson County Schools parent Teri Rowland. “If they’re in school all getting sick together, it’s not beneficial to anyone.”

Jennifer Johnson is the spokesperson for Wilson County Schools.

“It’s not just the kids, we have faculty, staff, a lot of other people sick as well,” said Johnson.

Johnson said most of the absences are from winter-related illness, like the flu and strep.

That’s why the district is taking extra precautions, cleaning classroom surfaces and talking to janitorial staff about potential viruses.

“The combination of the kids staying at home and the extra cleaning are really going to help,” said Johnson.

For those who aren’t sick, Johnson said, it’s still important to be on guard.

“I know it’s exciting for those kids who aren’t too sick who are out, but it might be better just to stay around the house because the more they get out, the more the chances they have to contract. We don’t want to see this continue into next week,” said Johnson.

The Tennessee Health Department urges people who haven’t yet gotten the flu vaccine to get one.

Many parents have been wondering if the closure is because of the recent case of Tuberculosis at Wilson Central High School.

“The only connection between this shut down and that one case of TB at one high school is the timing, nothing else,” said Johnson.

Johnson said a portion of the 450 exposed students, staff, and faculty did get the TB test this past Monday, as scheduled.

But because of the closures, the two reminaing testing days have been pushed to next week.

Wilson County Schools are set to re-open on Monday.