WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Williamson Medical Center released new data on Thursday showing that the majority of their hospitalized COVID-19 cases are younger, unvaccinated people.

“The biggest difference is the age. Our average age of our COVID patients in the hospital now are 10-15 years younger than what we were seeing back in December and January,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andy Russell said.

Russell explained that the majority of cases from the Delta variant are putting people in critically ill situations because they do not have that protection from the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Our overall volumes are up about 15 percent. And we’re seeing anywhere from five to 20 patients a day coming in,” Russell said. “We admit probably about 50 percent of people coming in with COVID.”

Russell said with more COVID-19 patients coming in, it creates longer wait times for those with minor injuries entering the emergency room.

Williamson Medical Center data shows that 27 of the 34 people hospitalized right now are under the age of 60 and 30 of the 34 cases are unvaccinated.

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“That’s the number one thing you can do to prevent illness. I’ve had several patients here when I worked this weekend who came in with COVID and as soon as I tell them the diagnosis, they’re mad at themselves saying ‘I wish I would’ve gotten vaccinated,'” Russell said.

Russell urges everyone to get the vaccine, especially because Delta is causing such a growing problem for people and hospitals across the state.