Williamson County firefighter terminated following second DUI arrest, possession of weapons while intoxicated


WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Williamson County Fire Fighter is arrested and terminated after he’s charged with his 2nd DUI that involves the possession of loaded fire arms.

It all goes down early Sunday morning at the TA truck stop off I-65 in Franklin.

It’s here that a truck driver calls police after he finds a man breaking into the sleeper cab of his 18 wheeler.

The burglar is reportedly carrying what the trucker describes as a yellow walkie talkie.

The trucker yells for the burglar to leave. While doing so, the trucker gets the burglar’s license tag and description of his truck.

When Franklin Police arrive, the officer is taking the trucker’s statement, when a pick up truck matching the description of the burglary suspect drives by with its hazard lights flashing.

Police stop the driver who is identified as 22 year old Makinly Scott Arneson.

News 2 has learned that at the time of the stop, Arneson is a Fire Fighter with the Williamson County Rescue Squad.

According to the officer’s report, Arneson has a strong odor of alcohol.

The officer indicates that Arneson has watery eyes and unsteady balance.

Upon exiting his truck, Arneson tells the officer he has a firearm on his person.

The officer unloads the weapon and secures it. Arneson says he has consumed 3 beers.

The officer checks the 22 year old’s truck and finds a 12 pack of beer located behind the driver’s seat as well as a fully loaded Winchester Rifle. The officer says he has already removed a fully loaded Handgun that Arneson was carrying on his right hip.

When asked why he had his hazard lights flashing, Arnseson reportedly says, “Because there were a lot of people moving around the TA parking lot and he did not want to get hit.”

News 2 has confirmed that before his termination, Makinly Arneson was an engineer stationed at Rescue Squad 23 in Thompson Station.

He also reportedly lived there for a time.

News 2 has discovered that in 2016, when only 18 years old, Arneson got a dui in Maury County.

After what happened Sunday morning at the truck stop, Arneson was charged with his second dui as well as possession of a weapon while intoxicated.

News 2 goes to Arneson’s Spring Hill home for comment, but nobody answers the door.

Arneson bonds out of jail on $12,500. He’s due back in court in May.

Sources tell News 2, Arneson was fired as a member of the Williamson County fire and rescue squad Sunday afternoon.

News 2 wanted to ask members of the Williamson County Rescue Squad how a fire fighter with a prior dui got hired.
Nobody responded to our query.

We also reached out to officials with Williamson County government for comment on the arrest and termination.

So far no one in a position of authority has offered comment.

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