Williamson Co. deputy dragged by DUI suspect's car with 9-year-old inside

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) - A Williamson County deputy suffered minor injuries after he was dragged by a suspect's car while investigating a possible DUI at a Franklin fast food restaurant.  

It began around 7:45 p.m. Saturday evening at a Franklin drive-thru on Highway 96.  

That's where restaurant employees called authorities reporting a man asleep in the drive-thru.  

That man is now identified as Tyrone Jackson, who was with his 9-year-old daughter. 

Even though the restaurant is inside the city, the sheriff's deputy of three years was nearby and responded to the call.  

Dash cam showed deputy Cody Richardson arriving at the Taco Bell and walking to the other side of the building where the drive-thru is located. 

Off camera, you can hear him talking to the DUI suspect Jackson, whose 9-year-old daughter is in the front seat.  

On tape, you hear the deputy tell the driver to put the car in park. He also asked the driver how much he has had to drink, and the driver initially responded, "nothing.” 

That's when the deputy says, "I can smell it, is why I'm asking.” 

Later in the conversation, the deputy asks, "How much marijuana do you have?" 

Investigators said the deputy reached into the car to turn off the car. That's when tensions escalated, the deputy yelled, and the car squealed out of the driveway. 

According to investigators, the 44-year-old driver punched it and dragged the 26-year-old deputy along the ground 

Lt. Miles Collett with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office says the moment is sobering.  

 "It just goes to show how quick an incident can go from nothing to 100 mph," said Lt. Collett.  

You can see deputy Richardson running back to his car and he began to pursue Jackson.  

As he turned onto the road, he radioed that he was run over and that the driver is intoxicated and there is marijuana. He also says there is a child in the front seat.  

Dash cam shows the vehicle going off the road. Jackson exited the vehicle as does his frightened daughter.  

Deputy Richardson races down the embankment, suddenly forced to handle a possibly dangerous suspect while caring for a little girl's safety. 

“Oh, it's very frightening. When speaking with deputy Richardson, that was his main concern throughout the incident was her safety and well-being.  

Richardson, a husband, and father, took the child by the hand and led her to safety. 

“As you can see, he puts up his hand up to direct her back. It was a chaotic scene, there by himself, with the adrenaline and he's trying to get her back to the car and focusing on the suspect and to get other help to him.” 

Later in the stop, the 26-year-old deployed his Tazer. It proves ineffective. Once again, the child enters the scene causing the deputy to turn his attention to the child. 

You can hear the officer talking to the little girl: “Stay right there, please. Stay right there.”  

Franklin police arrived and helped secure the scene. Investigators found alcohol containers and $800 in cash.  

Lt. Collett says he is proud of his young officer. 

"Very proud. This here shows what we try and do is to protect and serve the community." 

Deputy Richardson was not seriously injured. Officials said he has bumps, bruises, scrapes on his knees and he also reported having some shoulder difficulties.  

Tyrone Jackson was charged with nine counts that include: driving under the influence, evading arrest, aggravated assault, resisting stop/arrest, simple possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and reckless endangerment.  

He's currently out of jail on a $32,500 bond. He's due in court Dec. 13.  

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