What to look for in CBD products


With so many CBD and hemp-infused products on the market, what to look for can be confusing.

“As we’ve seen, some products are just not what they seem to be,” said Jim Douglas, a hemp farmer and processor.

News 2 sought the help of a hemp farmer and processor to break it all down.

Douglas said start by looking for a QR code on the product.

“QR code, takes you to the website, with all certifications, testing results from third party labs to show how much CBD is in products,” said Douglas.

Douglas said that QR code will take you to the product website, unlocking almost everything behind your CBD or hemp-infused product.

For anything edible, that starts wtih looking for a license from the TDA.

“The Department of Agriculture sent out the food and dairy inspectors and they came and actually followed behind me while we manufactured our product to inspect our processes to make sure they meet the current manufacturing practices,” said Douglas.

But for non-food products, there’s no regulatory body in place.

So here’s what to look for – Douglas said the make-up of ingredients should be consistent with what’s advertised on the packaging.

“Your numbers on the certificate should be within 10-percent, 10 to 15-percent of whatever is advertised,” said Douglas.

Look for CBD and not CBD A.

“For your average tincture, you should be looking for 0-percent CBD A, 33 milligrams of CBD, 0.3-percent or below THC,” said Douglas.

Another thing – check to see if the third-party testing is done in a medical marijuana state where protocols are likely more rigorous.

“Anything over 0.3-percent THC should be returned for your own sake,” said Douglas.

Above all, Douglas said, just make sure to do your research and if the information isn’t there, seek it out and ask quetsions.

“Buying a product with synthetic cannabinoid can lead to a variety of health issues, anxiety and things like that, versus just buying a poorly marketed locally-made product or something that just isn’t quite balanced right – it would be a lot of money,” said Douglas.

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