After the tornado outbreak in Christiana last fall, Bre Jackson decided she needed help with a safety plan. 

Jackson reached out to News 2 to help her come up with a tornado safety plan because the Christiana tornado hit too close for comfort for her. 

“I think in the last few years my fear has intensified because we are seeing them more often, we are seeing them close in our area in Middle Tennessee. We are seeing them more often,” said Jackson. 

She emailed News 2’s chief meteorologist Danielle Breezy and Danielle offered to come to her home to help her create a plan.

Jackson agreed especially because it is not only about her safety but she is also worried about her husband and her two daughters.

“We need to be prepared because a tornado can strike anywhere, in any neighborhood, in any zip code, and we all need to take this seriously and be prepared,” said Jackson. 

Together, they created a floor plan to find out the safest part of the house.

Danielle also gave her some suggestions of what to bring to the safe spot.

The list included supply of water, non-perishable food, flashlight, whistle, blanket, identification, and of course, your cell phone.

Once they had those items they decided her crawl space under her house was the safest spot.

It was the lowest level and did not have windows.

Now, Jackson and her family have a safety plan and she will put it into action when needed.