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(WKRN)–You may have been a victim of crime, but just have not discovered it yet.  

Our consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker digs deep into the dark web, where a person’s identity is worth less than $1000.  

First, this is not something I recommend doing. The dark web can be a scary place and you 

must talk some precautions to keep safe. It is a lawless place where drugs are for sale. 

Weapons, porn, and more drugs. You can even hire a hitman. it is also where stolen 

usernames and passwords, credit card, debit cards and government issued IDs are listed for 

sale. Look at what I found. 

A forged U.S. Passport is $775. Add a matching driver’s license for another hundred. 

A stolen valid Passport is listed for $750, stolen valid driver’s licenses are listed for 350-450 

dollars. Someone’s stolen debit card with pin is $10. Bad guys are also selling stolen corporate 

credit cards. This one with a $20,000 credit limit. For $250. If you’ve ever had someone hack 

your Facebook profile, they might have sold it on the dark web for $13. 

I also found stolen Paypal logins, Amazon gift cards, account information for store and bank 

credit cards. If an online account has been hacked, the information has probably shown up for 

sale on the dark web. 

Someone could have had one of their accounts compromised but if they’re using the same 

username and login for multiple accounts, these bad guys have those too. 

Lock down your accounts, protect your information. Especially as we get closer to the holidays 

and you begin shopping more online. That’s What the Tech? I’m Jamey Tucker.  

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