What the Tech? How to try before you buy online


One of the hardest things to do shopping online is picturing how the item will look inside your home. You’re only going by the photos.

This is especially difficult if you’re buying furniture or a TV. Now many online retailers are offering augmented reality that puts the product in your home.

Let’s take a look at what’s the centerpiece in many rooms. A television. The most popular size now is a 65-inch TV, but if you’re wondering whether it’d be too big, take your smartphone and point it at the wall.

Using the Amazon app, I find a 65″ SAMSUNG television with the option to “View In My Room.” I aim the camera at the floor, then align a purple line on the screen with where the floor meets the wall.

And like magic, the TV screen appears on the wall. You can walk around it, check out how thick it is and how far away from the wall it will need to sit — everything you’ll need to determine whether your room is big enough for a 65-inch TV.

You can see other items, too, like furniture, accent pieces, tables, and bookshelves.

Amazon isn’t the only retailer using augmented reality. IKEA has its own app, Lowe’s lets you measure distances, and on The Home Depot app, you can see how a paint color looks on your wall without picking up a brush.

AR technology is a big business now. Cosmetic lines are using “Modi-Face” where customers can try different lipsticks and makeup before they make a purchase,. Another app, Try On is being used in some stores where customers can quickly and virtually try-on dresses and outfits in a non-dressing room.

It is super realistic, and even if you’re not shopping at Amazon, you can check the product out using the app to help you decide before you buy.

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