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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)– If you do any online shopping, you already know the problem with fake reviews on amazon and other sites.

However, there’s also a big problem with fake products.

You’ll find them on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and other retailer websites.

Fakes are hard to spot.

Our consumer technology reporter Jamey Tucker has the story.

The ads say that Apple charger is really from Apple, but who knows if that’s true?

Same for purses, shoes, perfume and of course tech gadgets.

An investigation revealed you can find fake products just about anywhere you shop online, including Amazon and Walmart.com.

Last year, a government investigation found fake Nike shoes, Urban Decay makeup, Yeti tumblers and certified phone chargers for sale on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and other sites.

Here’s how that happens: Take a look at the listings.

If it says “Sold and shipped” by” a third-party company, you’re dealing only with the third-party company.

If it says sold by a third party and “fulfilled by Amazon”, you’re buying it from the third-party and Amazon ships it.

But no one from Amazon necessarily inspects the item to make sure it’s real.

It’s easy for someone to set up a store, buy cheap parts from China, and re-sell them on Amazon, listing them as the real thing.

The Counterfeit Report found over 54-thousand counterfeit products on Amazon.

Apple says 90% of Apple products for sale on Amazon are counterfeit.

This lightning cable is listed as being an official Apple product, but it’s shipped and sold by Unlimited Cellular.

I won’t say its fake, but there are no guarantees.

So how do you know it’s sold and fulfilled by Amazon or is a third party involved?

Sadly, you may not know until you receive the product, so inspect it right away.

Did it come in the retail packaging or just bubble wrap or a box?

Does it appear to be good quality?

If you suspect an item is counterfeit, report it to Amazon or Walmart or wherever you bought it right away, and return it.

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