What the Tech? Cool gifts for your Mom on Mother’s Day


A few years ago you might not have thought about getting mom a tech gadget. This Mother’s Day, Americans are expected to spend over $2 billion on consumer electronics for mom. What would she want?

Here are my top gadget picks for moms and grads:

Everyone needs more than one smartphone charger. The Belkin Boost Up charging dock sits on a desk or nightstand and charges phones wirelessly. Just rest the iPhone or Android device on the stand. There’s also space for an Apple Watch.

This Charge Stand portable charger from Ventev can be used on a desktop or tossed in a backpack or purse. It has a rugged feel to it, but it’s also lightweight. It’ll keep a phone charged for around 12 hours. The braided cable can be used to prop up the phone or unwind it for a more traditional portable battery.

If mom goes to the gym, a high-tech lock will keep her items secure. Use the Tapplock like any other combination lock, but it reads your fingerprint to unlock it. Just tap a button and place your finger on the lock face. The Tapplock will store fingerprints for more than one person, and you can also unlock it using a smartphone app. The newest Tapplock is waterproof.

Give mom the gift of “Calm” this Mother’s Day. An annual subscription to an app like Calm or Sleepiest is something she might never buy for herself. But she’ll be glad you did. These apps help ease stress and make it easier to fall asleep. Annual subscriptions to Calm is $60, Sleepiest is $32 a year.

Computer glasses block dangerous blue light from screens. Gunnar Blue Light glasses relieve eye-strain. Some blue-light glasses are amber color, if that’s a turn-off for Mom, Gunnar also makes these computer glasses that are clear. Gunnar also has prescription lenses and reading glasses.

Go ahead and get mom a card, but before you buy her another bottle of perfume or a family picture, remember, mom’s like tech gadgets too.

And don’t forget – Mother’s Day is May 12 this year!

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