What the Tech: Where to exchange your gift cards


Every year about one billion dollars worth of gift cards goes to waste.  So what can you do with gift cards you don’t want or need?  Trade them in.

Cardpool is one of the popular gift card exchanges online. It’ll buy your unused gift cards for

A 50 dollar Target gift card could get around 44 dollars if you want cash. But you’ll have to wait
until someone else buys it.

You’ll get $46 dollars if you’ll trade it for an Amazon gift card.

Some store gift cards are worth more than others. A 50 dollar Best Buy card is worth nearly $48
in cash.

The same amount and Bath and Body Works are worth around $40. An instant Amazon gift card
value of $36.75.

You can sell your card yourself at Raise. It’s a clearinghouse. Sellers list their cards and raise
takes a cut of what it sells for.

A $50 Best Buy gift card is for sale at full price. So you might get more money, but it may not be
worth the hassle.

At Gift Card Granny, you can sell the $50 Target gift card for $40 or trade it in for another gift card at
Amazon for $42.

Card Cash is the other re-seller. It’ll buy the card for $40, or trade you for a $42 dollar Amazon gift
Another idea is to pay it forward and donate the card to charity. Your church may be able to put
them to good use or a food mission.

You can also donate them to a charity of your choice at this
website called Charitygiftcertificates.org. This organization will trade in used gift cards and the money
goes to your favorite charity.

The amount on the gift card is tax deductible.

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