What the Tech? Secrets on the iPhone


The home button is going away. The new iPhones don’t have one, most Android devices don’t have them.

We’re going to just have to deal with it or add your own home button. At least a virtual button.

You can do it on the iPhone by going to Settings, General, and Accessibility. Scroll to the bottom and turn on AssistiveTouch. It creates a virtual home button on the screen.

Sadly, it doesn’t work as a fingerprint sensor, but if you’re in
an app, it’ll take you to the home screen.

If you listen to music on your phone and it just doesn’t sound loud enough, this tweak may not raise the roof, but it’ll raise the volume.

Open settings and scroll down to music. There’s an option to adjust the equalizer or EQ. There are several pre-sets available. I’ve tried them all and
find the “Late Night” pre-set is loudest.

Compare it to “Bass Booster” and the difference is notable.

When you make a mistake while sending a message, there’s no need to hit the backspace button a dozen times. Just shake the phone. It’s going to cut or erase everything you’ve typed or anything that was auto-corrected.

It may sound like ‘no big deal’, but once you start shaking …you’ll never want to go back to backspacing again.

And while you’re in settings take a look at some of the other accessibility features. These are offered for iPhone users who are hearing or vision impaired, but you may find some of them useful every day.

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