What celestial treats are in the June sky?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - The start of a new month means new sights in the night sky. 

News 2 Meteorologist Jared Plushnick says there are plenty of celestial treats if you wait until long after the sun sets. 

Jared says to watch for the Big and Little Dipper coming full force at the beginning of June. 

The Big Dipper, one of the most easily recognizable asterisms in the night sky, found in the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear.

The Little Dipper, formed by the seven brightest stars in Ursa Minor constellation, lies in the vicinity of the Big Dipper, but the stars of the Little Dipper aren’t quite as bright and will appear lower in the sky. 

So, you will have to get away from city lights and look north to see the Little Dipper.

If you are a fan of meteor showers, you are going to have to wait until July. 

The Southern Delta Aquariids lasts from July 21 - August 23, 2018.

Peak viewing is expected on July 29 and 30. 

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