JOPLIN, Mo. — Each year on the Fourth of July, Americans across the country celebrate their freedom with hamburgers and hot dogs, good friends and, of course, a display of fireworks.

With a broad variety of fireworks available, it can be difficult to decide which ones to purchase.

So what explosive entertainment sells best?

Haidyn Berry of Jake’s Fireworks, located at 5325 N Main in Joplin, says that customers typically purchase a mixture of fireworks when they come into the store. A combination of artillery shells, finale “cakes,” fountains, family packs and smaller kid-friendly fireworks make up some of the most popular buys.

Best selling highlights

Artillery shells: individual shells that you shoot one at a time, can have one or multiple breaks

Finale “cakes”: a series of explosions from a single ignition

  • King of Pirates
    • “daytime firework with red and blue smoke and lots of crackle”
  • The Big Dog
    • “nine shots of awesome blue peonies filled with a white glittering pistil crackle in the middle”
  • Loyal to None
    • 33 shots, “stars, crackle, fish, pearls and chrysanthemums”
  • One Bad Mother
    • “sixteen shot gold willow multi-blooming crackling flowers with a quickened huge 3 shot finale”

3D label “cakes”: label on package is 3D

  • Baby Dino
    • “bright colors, wide performance”
  • Marine Life
    • “vibrant colors and wide performance, watch the fish dance on this cool 3D label”
  • Toxic
    • “scary 3D label, gold willows with a big crackling finale burst”


  • Evil Priest
    • ” vibrant colors pleasing to the eye, among constant crackles, for a lengthy duration definitely worth your buck”
  • Amazing
    • “various stages feature red, white, yellow, purple, green, and blue colors along with chrysanthemum, fish, flowers, and star effects”
  • One Bad Granny
    • “vibrant colorful fish with gold and silver willows, finishes with tons of crackle”

For more information, visit Jake’s Fireworks’ 2021 catalog.

Berry’s advice for the holiday is to:

  • Keep children away from the action in case of fireworks tipping, etc.
  • Use punks to light fireworks
  • “Be smart with how you shoot them” and “use common sense”