Westmoreland man cited for ‘obscene’ window sticker with guns


WESTMORELAND, Tenn. (WKRN) – A sheriff’s deputy says it’s an obscene window sticker, but the driver says the sticker just shows guns and insists it’s a violation of his first amendment right.

It’s a big green sticker on the side of Nicholas Ennis’ pick-up truck of an M-16 followed by two letters then an AK-47 with the words “gun control” underneath.

Ennis tells News 2 it’s not the F word.

“I mean… not to me… looking at it, no. You wouldn’t be able to tell,” Ennis said, “It was made that way so it wouldn’t be vulgar, so I wouldn’t get in trouble for it, but they’re saying it is. “

A Sumner County Sheriff’s deputy issued Ennis a citation under Tennessee law prohibiting “obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers, window signs, etc.”

“Why is it, I’ve had it on there, no other officer has said anything but him?” Ennis asked.

He’s had the sticker up for a year now and his cousin’s boyfriend has two on his jeep.

“I don’t see an F or K on there at all, I see two guns,” Sam Monaghan told News 2.

“I feel like I was singled out and it’s going against my first amendment right for freedom of speech,” Ennis said.

But the Sumner County Sheriff disagrees, telling News 2 that the sticker does display the f-word and is grounds for a citation. He added that an officer has discretion to issue a warning or a ticket.

When asked what the sticker means, Ennis replied, “I don’t believe in gun control. You know, everybody should have the right to bear arms.”

“Kids can’t determine, a minor can’t determine if it’s an F or a K, they just see guns,” he said.

According to Tennessee law, the ticket shouldn’t be more than $50 dollars, but Ennis said he will be meeting with a lawyer to fight it. He also said he will not be taking the sticker off.

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