WEST NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s not quite the holiday season yet, but there are already a few grinches out.

Metro Police say at least two women are going house to house in West Nashville stealing packages off porches.

Ring cameras caught footage of the porch pirates.

A one-minute video captured last week shows a woman in a gray Dodge wearing a mask and a dark hoodie taking several packages from the front steps of a home in the Nations.

A 30-second Ring video was also shared with police showing a woman taking a package from a porch in a nearby neighborhood. She takes off in the passenger seat of a black SUV afterward.

“I mean you kind of hear about this in other neighborhoods,” said Kathleen Gould, who has lived in the Nations for 3 years.

She says she will pay closer attention to the activity on her porch.

“I don’t have a ring camera yet,” Gould said. “But, now with hearing this news, I might just have to get one.”

Sam Schroeder, Dan Hartzell and Matt Buchheit are roommates who recently moved into a home in the Nations.

“We just moved in here a couple months ago,” said Buchheit. “Keeps you vigilant. Keeps you mindful about that type of stuff. You want to think there are alright people out there, but this kind of stuff, it just makes you more cautious.”

The men work from home and make sure not to leave packages outside for long periods of time.

“If we get a package delivered. We usually get an email,” said Schroeder. “But for everyone else that doesn’t work from home, it’s like it’ll sit here for 12 hours a day maybe.”

The roommates do not have cameras but say they will consider security.

Metro Police advise homeowners to schedule deliveries or create a lock box system for packages.