NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Reclaim Brookmeade Park held a rally Thursday afternoon to continue their efforts. For months, they have advocated for the city to clean-up the park and find housing for the encampment living in the park.

People held signs and chanted “Save our park” during the rally. Many attendees told News 2 this park is just a small piece of a bigger situation involving homeless encampments across the city.

“We hope to convince the mayor’s office that we need a transition center for all the people who are living in Brookmeade Park,” Group Founder Rebecca Lowe says. “This is so they can find as suitable a place for them to stay while they wait for permanent housing.”

Under the current circumstances, Lowe told News 2 the park is a haven for drug activity and crime. She, along with other concerned citizens that are not park of Reclaim Brookmeade Park, consider this park too unsafe to visit.

A representative with the city of Nashville addressed these issues to News 2 on the phone.

She told News 2 the city is constantly working on finding housing for those living in the park. They have added more outreach workers and a team that can be deployed to help people at anytime.

Also, the city has launched a mobile center to find intermediate housing for people, until they can find permanent housing. They are also working with Metro police to increase patrols and address crime.

Reclaim Brookmeade Park tells News 2 they will continue to push for park changes and encourages everyone to join them.