West Middle Tennessee still recovering from last weekend’s storms


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It has been a long week for folks in west Middle Tennessee along and near the Tennessee River, but progress is slowly being made. Restoring electricity has been a major undertaking.

Restoring Power

Keith Carnahan, President & CEO Meriwether Lewis Electric Co-Op chronicled the progress:

“We cover five counties in our service area. We cover Hickman, Lewis, Perry, Humphreys, and Houston Counties.  When that storm rolled in we had about 15,000 without power, about half of our system.  And now after a week, we’re down to less than 1000,” Carnahan explained.

They ask that you exercise caution near downed power lines and please follow the safety rules outlined here.

Areas in and around Humpreys County on both sides of the river were some of the hardest hit.

Humphreys Sheriff Chris Davis took us to Sycamore Landing Road, a place he called “a war zone.”

“This area of the county is one of our worst areas,” Davis said. “We had a very hard time to where we could not get emergency vehicles in, including us. The limbs and debris were intertwined with electrical wires. One of our first responses was to try to get it to where we could at least get emergency vehicles in of some type, whether it was a patrol car, then we would try to work at ambulances, and then fire.  Thank goodness we had very very few injuries.” 

Cuba Landing Marina

Cuba Landing Marina took quite a hit with several docks severely damaged and the roadways leading there blocked by fallen trees and powerlines.

“Basically, we spent two days cutting a path into the marina through the roadways”, explained Glen Turner, owner of Cuba Landing Marina. “And then we spent another day cutting a path to be able to access all of our piers and get back through all the tree damage. We estimate that on this 11 acres alone, there is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 trees down.”

The Loretta Lynn Ranch

And The Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills had over 100 trees blown down. They feel lucky that there was only one minor injury. Ranch Forman Wayne Spears explained why:

“We were having a big chuckwagon race, Spears recalled. We have two of them a year. We were down there at the race track when the storm came up. And it came up so fast it tore up everything.  We had to go and make sure everybody was OK and check everything out. We had trees across the road, trees across the power lines, and just a lot of damage. Over 100 trees came down. And it did damage all the way through the ranch. Which is about two miles long. Everybody was OK. One person, the wind picked her up and threw her down and messed her knee up. And we had a horse go down. A tree landed on the horse out here at the event. We just had all kinds of damage.”

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