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What the Tech? Using Netflix secret codes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - - The most frustrating thing about Netflix is trying to find something to watch.  

Oh, there's no shortage of movies and  TV shows available for streaming, the company currently lists over  3,600  titles, but searching such a huge selection is overwhelming. 

It seems you're only shown the same 200 or so titles no matter how often you scroll,  and most of us can scroll for hours before finding something to watch.  Netflix puts movies and shows into categories such as 'dramas,'  'romance,' 'comedies'  and  'horror,' but we still see a limited number of titles within the genres.  

What most Netflix subscribers don't realize is that there are secret codes that make it easier to find something you didn't know is there.

These secret codes or category  IDs, break each genre into sub-genres.  Within the "horror" category you'll find  "Zombie  Horror  Movies," "Horror documentaries from the 1960s" and campy horror movies."

There are thousands,  approximately  27,000 sub-categories in fact since Netflix puts each title in multiple categories.  

To browse or search with the secret codes you must use a computer or smartphone browser and enter: "netflix.com/browse/genre/" followed by the secret code or number.  
For  "Deep  Sea  Horror  Movies"  for  example, you  should  enter "www.netflix.com/browse/genre/45028."  

There are more than 100  million Netflix subscribers in the world and chances are only a handful know about this sub-category indexing. It can still be frustrating entering the numbers and searching for something you haven't seen before but it's the only way I've found to see everything Netflix has to offer.  

To see the entire list of numbers for the category IDs go to my website  www.whatthetech.tv

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