What the Tech? Tips for charging your phone in the Car

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You leave work with your phone down to 5%. So you see the USB slots in newer cars and you think: awesome! They’ve added phone chargers!

Plug in the phone…drive home…and when you get there you have 8%
How is this even possible? Why hasn’t it charged faster?

Most USB ports in cars are not phone chargers. They’re inputs so you can plug your phone or flash drive into the car’s entertainment system to listen to music or use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

With a few exceptions, they don’t give off enough power to charge a phone, or even keep a phone from running down its battery.

If you want, or should I say “need” to charge your phone in the car, get one of these adapters that plugs into the cigarette lighter. These have 4-5 amps meaning they’ll charge a phone 10-20 times faster than a low powered USB port.

But stay away from those cheap gas station or drug store charging cables and plugs. Those aren’t made well and some have even caught fire when left plugged into an outlet.

If you have to charge your phone in the car, it’s best to use a brand name charging cable and car charger that fits into the cigarette lighter. The phone battery will last longer in the long run.

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