What the Tech? The rising cost of cord cutting

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Not long ago cutting the cord and switching to a streaming service like Sling TV or DirectTV Now was an easier decision. You could, and can still save money, but the gap is getting narrower between streaming and cable or satellite.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue raised prices of all of its plans by $5 a month, something it also did this time last year. Now, the lowest priced PlayStation Vue streaming plan is $50 a month. For a Live TV and sports package, it is $55 a month.

Sling TV also just announced to its customers that the price of its Sports Extra package to $10 a month for subscribers to the Orange tier of service.

Price increases are becoming routine. Already this year DirectTV Now hiked the price of its packages by $10 a month. In April, Google raised the price of YouTube TV to $50 a month. Netflix raised rates across its tiers by a few bucks a month, and Hulu raised the price of its Live TV plan by $5 a month. It now costs $45 per month.

The cost to cut the cord is going up across the board.

Why are customers being asked to pay more? Networks are raising their prices, so the streaming services are having to pay more to offer certain channels. Something that we’ve seen for decades in cable and satellite subscriptions.

The cheapest streaming plan now is Sling’s Orange or Blue packages for $25 a month. Keep in mind — those packages are very limited in both channel selection and extras such as the ability to record shows to watch later, and how many devices that can stream at the same time. Sling’s Orange & Blue package which allows you to watch on 4 devices at once is $40 per month.

The price increases make it more difficult for cord cutters to decide which service to go with, and it’s already confusing. It stands to get even more complicated later this year when at least six new
streaming services come online.

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