What the Tech? Pedophiles could be watching your kids on YouTube

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Are you putting videos of your kids on YouTube to share them with family members? Is your child posting videos to YouTube with or without your knowledge or permission? 

YouTube is in hot water again after a user discovered that pedophiles were using the comments section of some videos to build a pedophile porn ring in which they could privately share their own videos. 

Redditor Matt Watson is disgusted by what he found recently using YouTube. 

“Now that I’ve clicked on this, look at this sidebar, there is nothing but little girls,” said Watson. 

Here’s how it works: a child or parent uploads a video to YouTube to share it with friends and family. The name of the video, pool party, gymnastics, or 14th birthday, gets put in a group of similar videos. When someone watches one of them, YouTube will recommend others, shown in a window on the side. 

“This facilitates the pedophiles’ ability to find this content, but more importantly, trade social media info and I’ve also found links to child pornography,” said Watson. 

Watson found that the comments section was being used to timestamp moments where the young girls were in suggestive positions. Such as a young girl swimming underwater and another doing gymnastics. 

After Watson’s video went viral, YouTube removed or banned over 400 channels and turned off the comment section for videos of children or minors where vulgar or suggestive comments were being posted. 

That doesn’t prevent pedophiles from watching the videos, and you can assume they are. Why else would a rather tame video of kids swimming in a pool get over 2 million views? 

Parents who want to share videos of their kids so grandma and grandpa can see them, can always set the videos to private and send a link to whomever you want to see it. 

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