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Your kids might be using Instagram more than any social network.  Nearly a billion people use it and they share around a hundred million photos every day.  

But it isn’t just teenagers on Instagram. Adults and business are using it, too.

I’m on Melrose Place in Hollywood where the beautiful people are, where everyone is on-camera and I found someone who makes a living teaching people how to take awesome Instagram photos.

Kali Cantrell came to Hollywood to follow her dream and she’s helping other’s get there too by teaching them how to establish a fan base on social media; namely Instagram.

But, she says it’s not just actors.

Contrell says, “I always encourage everybody to build a brand for themselves because it adds
credibility, no matter what industry you’re in. Public speakers can benefit, real estate agents can benefit as well as doctors, law firms.”

As Facebook has declined a bit, Instagram is exploding. Cantrell not only teaches
clients how to use Instagram, but takes them on a walking photo shoot in Hollywood.

While most people upload only selfies to Instagram, Cantrell says if you can have someone take your photos with a better camera, do it.

“Make sure you look natural and you feel confident because no matter how you’re
feeling, it’s going to come out on camera that way,” says Cantrell.

If you’re going to be taking smartphone photos, remember the lighting. Make sure your lighting is on
point. That can make or break a photo.

“You don’t have to be perfect on Instagram, all you have to do is capture a moment that
reflects you.”

It’s the new way to promote your brand. Whether that’s yourself, your product or your

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