What the Tech? Big changes coming to popular MoviePass app

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If you love movies, you’ve probably heard about MoviePass.

It is a subscription service and app that allows you to see one movie per day for just $10 a month.

But — things are changing, according to consumer tech reporter Jamey Tucker.

For movie-goers, MoviePass has been one of the best deals on the internet, but if you tried using it over the weekend you may have noticed that the great deal has changed.

MoviePass has rolled out what it calls “surge pricing.” It means popular movies playing at popular
times, like weekends, will cost a few dollars more.

“I tried it Sunday night, not exactly the biggest movie night of the week,” said Tucker.  “Here’s what I found, every showing for newly released movies “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” “Hotel Transylvania 3” and “Skyscraper” had a red icon next to the show time. That icon indicates that due to demand, tickets will cost an additional $4.20.

When a MoviePass subscriber goes to a movie, the company deposits money on a MoviePass debit card, which pays full-price for the ticket.

If you’re paying $10 a month and seeing just 2 movies a month, MoviePass is losing
about 10 bucks.

MoviePass is already limiting the number of times you can see the same movie to just once, but the company’s CEO says they’ll start offering subscribers the chance to see 3D and IMAX films for a few dollars more.

If you go to an AMC theater, you’ll see that the chain is offering its own subscription
package, but it’s $20 a month. With that program, you can see up to 3 movies a week but only at
AMC theaters. MoviePass pretty much works everywhere.

With movie tickets costing from $10-$12, even with the surge pricing, it’s still a good deal.

If it’s not something you want to pay extra for, you can see the movies in the
middle of the week.

MoviePass CEO Mitch lowe says that more than 3-million people subscribe to the service. and the company is adding 90-thousand subscribers each month.

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