WEB EXTRA: Clarksville 1999 Tornado – Survivor Remembers the widespread destruction

Weekend Extra

The National Severe Weather Service’s Severe Weather and Flood Preparedness week is coming to an end.

All week long the News 2 StormTrackers, Danielle Breezy, Jared Plushnick, Davis Nolan, and Mary Mays have reported on stories of survival and safety.

In Clarksville, 20 years after a devastating tornado, Breezy talks with a tornado survivor who remembers that terrifying night.

Sue Lewis works at the Custom House Museum and Cultural Center in downtown Clarksville.  The building took a hit from the tornado.  The museum now has an exhibit dedicated to remembering the 1999 tornado outbreak.

The tornado hit around four in the morning.  It traveled a 6-mile path and was the width of about nine football fields.

It left behind millions of dollars of damage.

Amazingly, no one was killed, but several people were injured.

Watch the interview to see how Lewis describes what happened and the aftermath that followed.

Be sure to watch our News 2 Severe Weather Awareness Special Saturday, March 2 at 6 pm on News 2.

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