Titans super fan taking ultimate road trip to see them in action

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You know you’re a super fan when you’re willing to take a 13 hour trip across the pond to catch your team in action. 

Ahead of the game, we found one Nashvillian who’s making the trip ‘back home’ to England to watch the Titans take on the Chargers Sunday.

“Every game sells out, so the Brit’s love it and I loved American football before I even moved to America. I used to watch the Sunday highlights, so I’ve always had an interest. I like rugby and this is like the American version of rugby but its obviously different.”

Gary Ashton calls Nashville home now, but he remembers the days in the UK when he watched football from afar. 

“I had no clue when I was in England that the game actually lasts 3.5 hours cause we would see the highlights, so when I came to America and went to a game, I couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long.”

Ashton now understands how the game works, and he connects with it so much – he’s a season ticket holder and throws an elaborate tailgate party at each home game. He’s hoping to see the team go all the way this year!

“What are you hoping to see from the team this year? Superbowl, winning it!

Atlanta’s not too far so we only have to drive down the road to watch them win it there, but if we can win the division, that would be tremendous. I think everyone has high hopes. We had a tough start with the injuries, but I think we’re gonna have a winning season this year.”

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