Titans super fan lives in a house divided

Weekend Extra

“We have a duel household no matter what sports we like. It could be NFL, college football, NASCAR or NHL,” said Titans super fan Rebekah Lahne.

But when it came to putting the smack-down on the Patriots, the Mt. Juliet couple joined forces.

“We’ve been married almost 10 years and this past Sunday was the first time in quite a while that he’s watched a game with me here at home because normally on Sundays we’ll have separate games on.”

They may have an unconventional game day routine but Lahne is hoping that her “super fandom” will convert her husband, who she already convinced to become a Nashville Predators hockey fan.

“I was really excited about that. He said ‘That’s the only team you are going to convert me to. That’s it,’ and I was like ‘I’ll take it.'” 

When you are a super fan you become a pro at non-subliminal messaging.

“I always make sure I’m wearing something of the Titans. If I’m not wearing a jersey, I’m wearing one of my t-shirts.”

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