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What the Tech? Tips on saving cellphone data

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - - The heat may not have anything to do with your cellphone bill, but summertime can
lead to you using more data.

The reason? We're outside more and away from WiFi networks and many folks don't realize their phone can eat up data even when it's not in being used. 

How can you get control over your data use? Well, first, check to see which apps are using the most data. Go to settings, then cellular. You should see each app and how much data it's gobbling up.

You'll probably see some you're not even using. Turn those off. You can still use them on WiFi, or turn cellular on when you need to use the app.

On an Android phone, go to settings and turn on "data saver." Once that is turned on, you won't get notifications of a new post or comment until you open the app when you're on WiFi and turn cellular back on.

If you use your phone for directions, you can download a Google Map before you leave
the house, and use it offline. To do that, open the Google Maps app, and tap the three lines at the top left. Then, 'offline maps.'

If you're going on vacation, you can download a map of the area by navigating the box to where you're going. Tap 'download' and you'll be able to use this map without using data.

Also, you may have 'WiFi assisted phone calls' turned on, this is helpful if you're in areas
with spotty cell service, but if it's always on, it can use data. Turn it off, if you don't
notice a difference in the quality of your phone calls, keep it off

Social media apps can also eat up your data plan, even when you're not using them.

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