The Hermitage teams up with GooGoo Clusters to make Andy’s Candy

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GooGoo Clusters has a new treat that is flying off the shelves and the legendary candy maker is having a hard time keeping up with production.

It’s called Andy’s Candy, inspired by The Hermitage.

When you’re modeling a sweet treat after our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, inspiration comes in the form of oranges and pecans, two of the former president’s favorite things.

“It’s a dark chocolate shell, and then we pipe in an orange ganache, we covered that using a bourbon caramel, obviously using our Old Hickory bourbon, then we have some toasted pecans that are lightly salted and a brown sugar nougat that we top it all off with, and then we cap it!” says Colon, “All of that is made here in house.”

Just in time for summer, The Standard Candy Company, which makes GooGoo Clusters, has teamed up with Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage to create the ultimate adults-only GooGoo, Andy’s Candy!

This boozy treat even includes Old Hickory bourbon that used to be made on location at the Hermitage.

“Bourbon and oranges is a classic pairing in a lot of cocktails, so you get a lot of the orange and the bourbon is just kind of a sweet additive, it’s not super boozy, but it’s enough to know it’s there,” Colon says.

This treat is not overly sweet, but when capped off with a healthy dose of dark chocolate, will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

“The chocolate that we use is pretty much the most natural form of chocolate you can get,” remarks Colon. “So it’s cocoa solids, cocoa butter and then it’s got a little bit of emulsifier to keep it together and sugar.”

If that’s got you salivating, you’re not alone! Nashville can’t get enough of Andy’s Candy!

“I have another 12-dozen to make today, and then I’ll make another 12-dozen tomorrow,” states Colon.

Production of Andy’s Candy will continue based on demand. 

You can pick one up at the GooGoo Cluster’s shop downtown, or at the museum store at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.

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