Singer, songwriter Anita Cochran ‘Fights Like a Girl’ to beat cancer

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Nashville singer-songwriter Anita Cochran has much to celebrate. She finished her last round of chemotherapy in September and she is cancer-free. 

Wearing pink high top sneakers and a pink velvet blazer, she cut the ribbon at the Opry House Friday night to start the Opry Goes Pink event for breast cancer. 

Cochran was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She shared her journey on her website. And she wrote her new single, “Fight Like a Girl”, to inspire other cancer survivors and help them get through treatment. 

Cochran sang her new hit on the Opry stage, and she spoke with News 2 about her journey and how cancer has impacted her life. 

News 2: Tell me about coming here and taking part in tonight’s Opry Goes Pink event? 

Anita: Well, any time you play the Grand Ole Opry it’s like the biggest stage in the world for me. When I was a little girl this was the only place in the world I wanted to play. So it’s always an honor to get here and perform on this stage. But tonight is even more special. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I just finished my last chemo round on September 19. So to be a part of tonight is just an added extra bonus. It’s just amazing. I’m so happy to be here representing tonight awareness for breast cancer and trying to raise money for breast cancer. And being a survivor tonight myself means everything. So it’s really just great. 

News 2:  You’ve been so public and open sharing your story. How has the public received that? Did you get a lot of folks sharing their stories with you as well? 

Anita: Yeah, I started blogging on my website soon after I found out I had breast cancer. I wanted to share my story with other people so they could understand what it was like to go through what I was going through. So it would help them to go get their mammograms and get their testing every year. Because early detection saves your life. And I was fortunate to find mine in an earlier stage, which is great. So I really wanted to share my story with people. And now I have a new song out called “Fight Like a Girl”. And I’m donating proceeds to breast cancer research and to also patients who are needing financial help, ‘cause for me, I had to go off the road for a year and couldn’t work for a year because I got so sick on chemo. And I want to pay it forward and try to help others that were in a situation like me. And I started a charity called the “Love Anchors Fund”.  So those proceeds will go out to breast cancer research and a variety of organizations that will help in all areas of breast cancer. 

News 2: Awesome. And “Fight Like a Girl” What do those words mean to you tonight?  

Anita: Tonight it means a lot because I know there’s going to be a lot of breast cancer survivors or patients, fighters right now going through it. So I’m really hoping the song inspires them to keep going. That’s the whole reason why I wrote the song. I almost gave up after my 5th round of chemo. I got so sick. But I decided after a couple of days I started to feel a little bit better. And the song came to me. As I was writing the song and recording it and shooting the video it kind of gave me something to grab onto to keep me fighting. So that’s when I decided to release it and to donate proceeds of the song to different varieties of breast cancer research funds. Not just for research money, but to give women a fight song to maybe help them get through. And I’ve just got so many great responses from people who wrote to me or through my blog, or Facebook Messenger, or Twitter. I wrote the song and I’m trying to share my story to help other people. But at the same time, them writing back to me and sharing their story with me has also helped me. So we’re helping each other, you know?

News 2: You mentioned you had your last round of chemo. So right now you’re cancer free? 

Anita: As of right now, yes. I’m in remission, I guess they call it until my 5 years are up.  You know, the big 5-year mark. But I’m gonna get there, you know. I’m gonna go plow through with a positive attitude and try to do what I can to help in this fight for everybody. 

Anita Cochran proved again what a fighter she is. On October 5, barely two weeks after her last chemo treatment, she took a fall in New York City. The very next morning she appeared live on Good Morning America and revealed that she had broken a couple of ribs.

But nothing was going to stop her from singing and dancing in front of hundreds of breast cancer survivors who gathered for her concert. And millions of people watching from home saw what it means to fight like a girl. 

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