Saturday is National Serpent Day!

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This July 17, 2019 photo provided by Charlton McDaniel of Fort Smith, Ark., shows a copperhead snake eating a cicada in Arkansa’s Ozark National Forest. McDaniel of said Thursday, July 25, 2019, that he was “fascinated and captivated” to see a copperhead eat a newly emerged cicada at dusk on July 17. McDaniel says he went to the forest for moonlight kayaking and noticed the molting cicada. McDaniel scared off a nearby snake, but the reptile returned to gobble the insect. (Charlton McDaniel via AP)

(CNN) — We get it — for most of us there is no reason to celebrate snakes.

But the slippery, slithery, spineless species actually has its own day.

Saturday is National Serpent Day.

Perhaps — it’s a good time to learn a little bit more about snakes to help take away some a fear associated with them.

Or maybe the more you learn — more you will want to keep your distance.

There are about 3,000 different types of snakes — and only about an eighth of those are venomous.

So more often than not — despite being a symbol of evil — they are quite harmless.

And snake venom actually has some positives.

It’s been touted for antibacterial properties and as a treatment for tumors for years.

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