Pet Doc with Nikki Burdine: The importance of getting your pet spayed or neutered

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Getting your pets fixed will help keep them healthy and may improve their behavior at home. Since  February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month we’re getting some advice from Dr. Staci Cannon, Medical Director of Metro Animal Care and Control. 

Nikk Burdine: Let’s talk about the importance of fixing your pets.  

Dr. Cannon:  Sure.  People always hear the recommendation from their veterinarians, they wonder why this is a good idea?  We strongly recommend spaying and neutering our pets because there are a lot of health and behavioral benefits.  So, for female dogs and cats, it’s really important to prevent uterine infections, when we spay them we remove their ovaries and uterus. They can develop a life-threatening infection called a pyometra, so if we spay them and remove their uterus they can never develop that infection 

Dr. Cannon: For males, we recommend neutering because it removes their testicles so they can no longer develop testicular cancer.  They are also less likely male dogs to have issues with their prostate being enlarged when they are older which could cause problems for them being able to go to the bathroom. So spaying and neutering definitely improves their health.  

Dr. Cannon: The other thing it can affect is their behavior.  We are removing that female dog’s hormone, so she’s not able to go into heat, she’s not going to become pregnant. She’s also not going to want to run away from home to look for a mate.  Same thing for males.  So they are not going to be spraying to mark their territory with urine.  They are also less likely to roam away from home or be injured or be hit by a car or be lost because they are not out looking to find a new friend.  

Nikki Burdine:  So overall, better for your pet’s health and better to keep them in your home, make them a better pet for you.  

Dr. Cannon: That’s right, it makes them a more comfortable companion for us, definitely protects their health, it actually leads to a longer lifespan for our dogs and cats.  

Nikki Burdine: That’s all we want, thank you, Dr. Cannon. 

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