Pet Doc with Nikki Burdine: Dogs and dental health

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For today’s Pet Doc segment, Nikki Burdine is joined by Dr. Staci Cannon with Metro Animal Care and Control:

Nikki Burdine: We are joined by Dr. Staci Cannon with Metro Animal Care and Control and Toby who is going to be our model today, he is up for adoption, more on that in a minute. But we are talking about dogs teeth and our cats teeth, their overall oral health.  

Dr. Staci Cannon: That’s right oral health is really important for our pets just like for us. Whenever our pets go in for their annual exam your veterinarian is going to check their teeth and their gums to see how they are looking.  

If we were never to brush our teeth, our mouths would be pretty filthy. It’s really important to consider brushing our pets teeth if we can, every day or at least a couple of times a week. If we are not able to do that, then veterinary dental cleanings are really important to keep their mouths healthy.

So, what we are checking when we open their mouths to look is to see if they have tartar or plaque buildup on the teeth near the gumline. So that’s going to look on their nice white teeth on the enamel, yellowish or tan plaque that’s building up along the gum line. You might also start to see signs of gingivitis which is pink or red lines along the gum line as well. The gingiva, the gums can actually recede back away from the tooth roots, that can be pretty painful. 

If the teeth are getting infected or if they have broken teeth, then you might start to see signs with your pet of being hesitant to eat, or they might be dropping food from their mouths or maybe they would prefer to eat soft food as opposed to their dry kibble.  So those are all signs, if you are seeing behavior changes or signs your pet isn’t wanting to eat their food then they definitely need to be checked by your veterinarian.  

Nikki Burdine: Coming up in our next segment, we are going to be looking in Toby’s mouth and we are going to talk about some tricks and tips if you want to brush your dog’s teeth, maybe he will allow you to do that.  

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