Pet Doc with Nikki Burdine: Does your pet have allergies?

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For today’s Pet Doc, we are talking about allergies, and not your allergies, but your pet’s allergies. 

We are joined by Dr. Staci Cannon, Medical Director of Metro Animal Care and Control. SC with MACC,

So your pets can get allergies too? 

Dr. Cannon:  That’s right, just like us, your pets can be allergic to a lot of different things in their environment.  One of the most common things that we see our dogs and cats being allergic to are fleas….so fleas are pesky little parasites that can live on our pets and live in the environment around them. But our pets can actually be allergic to the saliva, the flea bite.  

Nikki:  This one is trying to get my attention.  

Dr. Cannon:  They can and they might be really itchy if you see that.  They might lose some hair, especially around the base of their tail, Or you might even see them scratching or chewing around the base of their tail.  So, definitely, something to have checked out. The other things we see them allergic to are things in the environment like grass, trees, dust mites, all of the things people talk about being allergic to ourselves.  
But our pets, instead of having that hay fever sneezy, runny eyes, watery nose, they often show up as being itchy.  You might see your dog licking their paws, licking their armpits.

Nikki:  Mine does that all of the time.  

Dr. Cannon:  Yup, it could be because they are allergic to something out blooming in the environment. So sometimes, it takes a little detective work to figure it out. You definitely want to have your veterinarian take a look, take a history.  There are some diagnostic tests we can do to try and figure out what they are allergic to.  And then we can avoid those things if possible certainly you can’t really avoid grass in the outdoors, but there are some management techniques as well. Keeping their feet clean, making sure the allergens don’t get tracked into the house with them, being in their bedding, all of those sorts of things.  Less commonly we see animals being allergic to something in their food or something that they eat, but that’s another possibility if we see that, they can be itchy, they could lose their fur, but they can also show some vomiting or diarrhea, things like that, another reason to have your pet checked out by your veterinarian.  

Nikki:  And plus you don’t want them to be miserable right?  

Dr.Cannon:  No, not at all  

Nikki:  Before we head out, we have to meet this cat, because she has just been yelling for attention. This is Celine and she is looking for her forever home, you should stop by and see her, she’s only a year old, here at Metro Animal Care and control.

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