Nashville shop offers chance to create one-of-a-kind Goo Goo Clusters

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Goo-Goo Clusters are a tried-and-true Tennessee favorite, but the shop downtown recently launched a new feature that lets you be the master of your cluster. 

It’s called the design-your-own Goo-Goo bar and News 2’s Brie Thiele is taking us on a behind-the-scenes look!

“I mean, it’s chocolate — what’s not fun about chocolate?!” quips Goo-Goo Cluster pastry chef and chocolatier Mike Colon.

We wanted to know — do people usually come with an idea of the chocolate craving they want to create?

“Not at all!” Colon answered. “Most of the time, they throw in too many things or they just want all peanut butter in there, but I think that’s the fun part about it.”

Luckily Colon and other Goo-Goo gods are right there to share experts tips on how to build the perfect cluster. 

The vital first step is picking a sticky base layer. You can build out from there. 

“The first one is a peanut buttercream — it’s got peanut butter, brown sugar, butter,” Colon explains. “Our second one is a marshmallow nougat. It’s kind of like a marshmallow, but it’s a little bit stickier,…reminiscent of a Snickers bar or Milky Way. And then on the end here, we have a salted caramel.”

It was a tough choice, but Brie went with peanut butter.

“We’re just gonna push it in just to make sure there are no air gaps,” Colon demonstrates as he crafts her one-of-a-kind cluster.

Next, he says, it the center layer — which can consist of any combination of around 20 dry ingredients like cereals, nuts and candy. They say you can add in as many as you want, but two fillings seem to be the magic number.

Brie decided on white chocolate chips and pretzels. 

That goodness gets layered with one more sticky filling — for this one, Brie picked fresh nougat.

“You want to make sure that it’s pressed in again with no air holes and you don’t want it sticking out too much,” Colon explains. “We had a good amount of the dry ingredients in there — that way it leaves space for the chocolate that’ll cap it off.”

“Oh, I can smell the chocolate!” exclaimed video journalist Armondo Moralez, as Colon ushered our crew into the “chocolate room.”

“This is where the magic happens!” he replied. This room is where they melt 50-pound batches of sily, dark chocolate to a perfect 87 degrees. 

“It’s like living out a Willy Wonka fantasy!” He told us, pointing to the chocolate stream used to cap off each gourmet Goo-Goo.

“It’s a little loud, but this is the vibrating table and this is what’s gonna help get the air bubbles out,” he explained. 

Air bubbles, he said, can cause the product to spoil quickly — that is, assuming you make it out the shop without eating every bite! 

Goo-Goo Clusters will be launching their summer chef series soon, which, for the first time ever, will feature all pastry chefs.

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