Nashville 2018: Music City is #2 for tech jobs where you can afford to live

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We all want to make our paychecks stretch a little farther, and Nashville is Number 2 when it comes to places you should be able to afford to live if you work, or want to work in the tech industry.

Places where a lot of tech jobs are available can be pricey! Think Silicon Valley. Astronomical rent prices and an overinflated job market have drastically slowed down the tech boom in the Bay Area.

New research from shows the top 7 places that offer the perfect combination of resume-worthy tech opportunities and lower cost of living. Number one is Huntsville, Alabama, with a 300% growth in tech jobs in the past year.

Nashville comes in second primarily, because of the thousands of technology job opportunities in fields from music and entertainment, to healthcare to enterprise software development.

Rounding out the top 7 cities are Baltimore, Maryland, Salt Lake City, Utah, Albany, New York, Thousand Oaks, California and Kansas City, Missouri.

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