Summer is the busiest moving season, and a lot of people are moving to Nashville!

‘Welcomemat Services’ is a company that was started to help connect new residents across the United States with local businesses in the area through direct mail packages.

Reps for Welcomemat decided to pull data on the top 12 markets with the highest percentage increase of people moving to one particular area. They say Nashville was “on the radar” last year, but this year, four of the top 12 markets are in the Nashville area.

“Nashville is growing in both local business growth and new mover growth. We see a high correlation between those two and when one happens, the other tends to happen as well. So as you see the new mover volume go up, you also see the local business volume go up and vice versa. So this is really creating a sense of community, and I think that’s what consumers and movers are looking for. Looking for where can I move that I’ll have that sense of community and then that all comes together to create that thriving attractive residency that new movers want to move to,” said Megan Tremblay, Welcomemat Services Marketing Manager.

The number one increase in the country is the Gulch, with a 46 percent increase in new residents since last May.

Following the Gulch are, Green Hills with a 14 percent increase, Signal Mountain with a 9 percent increase, and North Chattanooga with a 7 percent increase.

You can learn more about Welcomemat Sevices at