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Nashville 2018: Lawn care made easy with GreenPal

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Some MTSU graduates started a lawn care business a few years ago, and it’s really starting to take off!

GreenPal is described as “lawn care made easy,” and is now available in more than 22 states in over 50 major markets. It’s similar to Angie’s List, but strictly for your lawn care needs.

The company not only employs full-time lawn professionals—there are also part-time opportunities for people who work in a number of industries—members of our military, firefighters, and teachers, for example. 

“If you would’ve asked me when we first started if that type of profession would have fit into our platform I would have been like no, this is going to be just for the hardcore landscaping guy who does this 7 days a week. That’s kind of one of the biggest surprises that we have been able to help you now people of all walks of life and different professions," said Gene Caballero, GreenPal Co-Founder.

The way it works is, homeowners can go online and provide a little info about lawn care needs. That sends an alert to pre-screened lawn care professionals in the area. Those professionals will then send bids to the customer, who will decide who they want to hire. Once the work is finished, the vendor will send a picture of the finished work to the homeowner for approval, and after that happens, payment will be sent to the vendor through the website.

The founders of GreenPal were working corporate jobs and just decided they wanted a change. This year they’re planning to launch in 26 new markets, and hope to be in almost every state by 2020!

You can learn more about GreenPal HERE.

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