WARTRACE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With Halloween around the corner, we always hear a lot of stories about haunted places, but would you ever buy one?

Just such a place for sale exists in the picturesque hills about an hour southeast of Nashville.

Trains there roar right past a place named for the famous animals bred on the nearby lands, but the old Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace became well-known for something else.

“I had guests who saw apparitions in the hallways upstairs,” says former owner George Knight.

Present owner Joe Peters is selling it after years of hearing about tales from guests before and after him.

“The hotel is not demonic; there’s is nothing evil there. We will call it more mysterious than haunted,” Peters told News 2.

Knight, who owned the hotel in the 1980s, has some answers for the mysteries here.

“I already knew that the hotel had what I call Casper the Friendly Ghost–Floyd Carothers,” he said.

Floyd Carothers was a famed walking horse trainer. He owned the hotel with his wife olive, and then she took it on by herself after Floyd died in the 1940s.

“When Miss Olive passed away, he went up to heaven with her,” Knight likes to say.

He told News 2 he would get premonitions in the hotel while Floyd hung around as a friendly ghost.

Somehow Knight says he would know when things at the hotel were wrong, like sensing a small fire years ago that could have been catastrophic.

“Thought something was wrong, so I walked the hotel and saw it before it got out of control,” he explained.

Current owner Peters recounts what he had heard from guests, which figures into the fame of the region.

“They have even heard hoof sounds of horses on the ground floor, sound of horses heard running across the corridors upstairs. The hotel is a friendly place. That is why the spirits that are there are friendly as well, but they are playful, no question. For lack of a better term, people have been messed with in that hotel for years and years,” he told News 2.

A small fire in May 2016 hastened Peters’ departure, but the haunted theme carries on with his new business called Spooky’s Pizza. It’s scaring up customers now in Murfreesboro while his old haunt down the road in Wartrace remains for sale.