‘Crime Junkie’ podcast co-host Ashley Flowers visits Nashville for Pod X Convention

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The Pod X Convention, a place for fans and creators of popular podcasts to gather, begins at the Music City Center this weekend. 

Podcasters from around the country will be here in Nashville, including Ashley Flowers, co-host and founder of the popular true-crime podcast “Crime Junkie.”

Flowers started the podcast from scratch a few years ago and brought in her best friend, Britt. Since then, the podcast has hit No. 1 overall on the iTunes Podcast chart. 

Ashley stopped by the News 2 studio and talked with Neil Orne about the successful project. 

“Sometimes we do solved [cases] every once in a while, [but] most of them are unsolved just because we like to bring attention to them — like missing persons cases,” Flowers said. “A lot of it is stuff — again, I’ve been a crime junkie for my whole life — it’s the stuff that’s stuck out to me. If I’ve consumed all of this stuff, what are the cases that are still sticking out to me? I think our audience will really like them.”

A new episode of the show drops each Monday.  

“Now, though, now that we are so big, we get 3,000 listener suggestions a month! (A month!),” Flowers said. ” So the listeners are telling us what they want to hear about.  We’re also being contacted by victims families saying: ‘Can you please publicize this story, we’re not getting attention anymore.’  I love doing stories like that, being able to work with them and use our platform for them.”

One and two-day passes are available for the Pod X Convention, which, again, is for fans and professionals alike. 

Learn more about Ashley and “Crime Junkie” here: 

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