Every week, we take a look back at the year 2000. Below are some notable stories from the Week of February 19. 

A high school fundraiser becomes the center of controversy tonight.

Inside the Madison Academy gym, the crowds roared with laughter and cheers

The annual donkey basketball game is a senior class fundraiser much of this community looks forward to.

But outside of the school, the donkeys were kicking up controversy.

Members of the Tennessee animal rights coalition begged the school to cancel the event saying that these animals are abused in the name of profit.

He says they travel in a very nice trailer, and when it comes time to leave for an event they don’t need to be prodded, they simply load themselves up.

The Madison Academy has done this for years, and say they haven’t ever had any problems.

Those insides paid little attention to the silent protest outside their doors, but the animal rights activists say they’re not going to give up.

The principal says next year they will meet with the school board to re-evaluate whether this is something they should continue to do in the future or not.

Here’s a site you don’t see every day…cowboys corralling the herd…on a county road.

A truck carrying 41 cows flips early this morning in Maury County.

The accident happened just before 7 o’clock,  a half mile from the stockyard.

This badly damaged cattle truck was on it’s way to a Georgia slaughterhouse. It was transporting 41 head of cattle when it flipped.

Troopers say the driver wasn’t hurt and admits taking his eyes off the road to pick up a lit cigarette.

That left 27 other cows either injured or free to roam this stretch of land just outside the city limits.

David Craig had just loaded the herd at a nearby stockyard

He figured that out after seeing a bull he’d just loaded walking up the street.

Troopers tell me the truck driver was cited because his logbook was not up to date

As for the cows, each one was valued at $500. I’m told that the load is insured.

Friends, fans, and family gather at the war memorial auditorium downtown, to celebrate the life of comedian Jim Varney.

The actor who created the boisterous and hilarious  “Ernest P. Worrell” died last week of cancer.

You just don’t expect to get an Ernest P. Worrel mask at memorial service. But it only fits. Jim Varney did a lot of unexpected things. The man who created Ernest lost his battle with cancer. But in his lifetime.

Mournful songs. Funny stories.

His friends and fans came together at the War Memorial Auditorium to celebrate the way Jim Varney touched their lives. 

He made 4-thousand commercials as Ernest and 9 feature films.

But his friends say he was much more than one character. He did brilliant Shakespeare. He was a loyal and generous friend. And he was courageous…he never complained about his cancer.  Jim Varney was just 50 when he died. 

The laughs will live on… On video and in the hearts of his friends.

Jim Varney has a new movie coming out this spring called “Daddy and Them,” which he did with Billy Bob Thornton and Laura Dern.

He plays a dramatic leading role, something he always wanted to do.

A family dog is being hailed a hero tonight after saving a small boy.

Three-year-old Tyler Green was attacked by a wolf-hybrid.

He was playing outside his home… When a dog-wolf mix knocked him down… And started biting him.

The animal even ripped off part of Tyler’s little ear.    

Tyler’s dad heard the whole thing.

And when he ran outside Tyler was face down.

That’s when the family’s dog, Star, ran to the rescue and started fighting off the hybrid.

The wolf-hybrid was later found and destroyed.

The animal belonged to a neighbor.

The owner has been cited for letting a vicious animal run loose.

Another wolf-hybrid found at that residence was taken to the Maury County Animal Shelter.

As for Tyler, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Round two of potty parity may begin on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill tomorrow when a House subcommittee takes up the potty bill.

At issue is whether men need more bathroom facilities at places like Adelphia Coliseum.

A change that would take an act of the general assembly.

You see, a few years ago, the state passed a law mandating a two-to-one female to male toilet ratio, because women were waiting in long lines.

Now it’s the men doing the waiting.

Coliseum designers are in town studying the problem and figuring out how much it would cost to add facilities for men.