Each week we’re taking a look back at the year 2000. This week, we’ll look back at stories about a man tied up by a murder suspect on the run from the law, the day there was a “Murder on Music Row,” why neighbors in Rutherford County called News 2 about cars in their yard, and finally a look back when the Beach Boys recorded in Nashville. 

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room watching the evening news and a truck plows into your house.

It happened to a Rutherford County family tonight. The family has been complaining for months about the dangerous narrow road.

News 2’s Dan Macdonald is was live at the scene.

Printers Alley legend David “Skull” Schulman was murdered in his Printers Alley nightclub more than two years ago.

But just recently the case has taken some dramatic turns.

News 2’s Nancy Hauskins talks with a woman who helped put the suspected killers behind bars.

David “Skull” Schulman was a popular man on Printers Alley, operating Skulls Rainbow Room for more than 50 years.

But in January of 1998 Skull was murdered, and now two drifters sit in jail charged in connection with his death.

The two men were 26-year old Jason Pence and 19-year old James Cavaye.

Beverly Wray Sumner works at Legends Corner. She and a co-worker encountered the two men on several occasions. 

Artists George Strait and Alan Jackson believe a terrible crime has been committed against traditional country music.

So they recorded a song called “Murder On Music Row.”

But on Music Row, you won’t see any crime tape or police investigating a song.    

However, tune in to country music radio and you may hear a crime being committed.

C.C. McCartney with 103.3 says listeners can’t get enough of the controversial song. A song that believes the industry’s lust for money and performers’ thirst for fame is slowly killing traditional country music.

“It’s less a murder than imprisonment. They locked up all this great traditional music, locked up and went home,” he said.

Scott Siman is the chairman of the Academy of Country Music.

He calls country music’s bend toward pop and rock genres is natural, not criminal evolution. 

A Nashville man was certain he was going to be murdered.

Larry Bendford says he was tied up and held at gunpoint by Larry Barbee, a murder suspect on the run from the law.

Larry Bendford went to a home in Springfield yesterday to do some renovation work. He says he was ambushed by Larry Barbee. 

“I knew he would kill me to keep me from identifying him. I just prayed something would happen to avoid that. And that prayer was answered,” Bendford said.

Barbee is a convicted felon. He was also wanted for the murder of his former girlfriend Cecilia Akaniru. She was found shot to death in their south Nashville apartment.

The last Beach Boys album was recorded right here in Nashville.

News 2’s Melissa Penry has more on the year the surf washed all over Music City.     

Over pics of them coming out blending to music open California girls.

As far as major musical moments go, this could be one of the biggest for that annual country fest known as Fan Fair.

Four years ago, the legendary surfer group the Beach Boys took center stage at Fan Fair and had every Cowboy loving fan bowing to the beat of beach music.

And they called on some new found Nashville friends to help.

Earlier in the year,  the Beach Boys tapped into country to come up with duet partners for the album “Stars and Stripes.” The album is a remake of old hits.

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