March 16, 2000

Police were investigating after a man walked into a Manchester Taco Bell andforced employees into a cooler while he stole cash. The man was armed, and ordered the manger at gunpoint to empty the cash register and the safe into a Taco Bell bag. 

At the time, police believed this man was an experienced criminal, and the description of the suspect matched one of a man who hit up a Dickson Arby’s the same month. Watch the video below for Jay Korff’s story.

March 20, 2000

This is just video, but it’s compelling. The crash happened on Old Hickory Boulevard in Brentwood. A woman driving an SUC lovst control while making a turn and rolled about 20 feet down an embankment into a car dealership’s lot. The truck rolled over four brand new Cadillacs causing an estimated 15-20 thousand dollars in damage. The woman was a little shaken, but foruntately not hurt. 

March 21, 2000

If you’re more than 25-years-old, you might just remember the 2000 Census. The advertisements and reminders were everywhere at the time. Some people thought it was a nuisance, but one woman on the Cumberland Plateau in White County said the Census saved her life. 

Ted Pearl was making his rounds, knocking on doors and checking houses off the list. When he knocked on Rose Fish’s door and she told him to come in. He found Mrs. Fish laying on the floor, unable to get up. She had a wound on her head from the fall, and she likely wouldn’t have made it much longer had Pearl not knocked. 

Watch the video below for Nancy Hauskin’s full report.