NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Billboards in support of Mayor Megan Barry are popping up across the city of Nashville.

They come in the wake of the mayor’s bombshell admission she had an affair with the former head of her security detail, who entered retirement this week. Mayor Barry publicly announced and apologized for the affair this past Wednesday, just days after rumors began swirling.

“I am embarrassed, and I am sad, and I am so sorry for all the pain that I have caused my family and his family. I know that God will forgive me but that Nashville doesn’t have to,” she said in a press conference that night.

It seems the billboards are a sign that at least some do still support, possibly forgive, Mayor Barry despite her indiscretion. They simply state, “We love our mayor.”

Two have been spotted so far. One sits off Interstate 24 West near Fesslers Lane and another on the Silliman Evans bridge downtown.

Details on who paid for and put up the billboards weren’t immediately known. News 2 has reached out to the billboard company for comment but has yet to hear back.

Fallout from Mayor Barry’s confession has already begun. Most notably, the District Attorney General has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to look into whether the mayor or her former head of security, Robert Forrest, violated any criminal law, including misappropriation of public funds and official misconduct.

Nashville’s police chief, Steve Anderson, has also addressed the affair after questions were raised regarding Barry’s travel with security and how much overtime pay Forrest got since she took office.

Chief Anderson also offered support for the mayor, saying, “It’s a personal issue and certainly everyone has a right to have an opinion about that, but I think people should look at it and separate it, the business part of the mayor’s job, and make their decisions accordingly.”