WATCH: Teams preparing to conduct everything away from facilities for NFL Draft


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- We’re just few weeks away from the NFL Draft and on Saturday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that high-level officials from multiple teams are now preparing to conduct everything virtually, from home, away from their team facilities.

NFL vice president Troy Vincent has already invited several prospects to participate “live” in the draft.

Earlier in the week, Tennessee Titans General Manager Jon Robinson told the media that like other teams in the league, his staff is preparing for anything at this point. He mentioned that the work that they’ve done so far has mostly been from home, which should help.

“We’re just currently working through the draft board within our database program that I’ll work off of as well as an Excel spreadsheet of the draft board that we’re working off too,” said Robinson

The NFL draft, the biggest event on the league’s off-the-field calendar, was originally scheduled to happen in Las Vegas before those plans were dropped when the league announced it would not be open to the public.

Sources also told ESPN that the league’s general manager subcommittee did suggest delaying the draft to Goodell but that didn’t happen. Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer spoke with News 2’s Kayla Anderson this week and explained why going through with it my be a little politically incorrect.

“It’s hard, how do you adhere these rules that we are all under and are trying to be respectful of but then have these community celebrations within families as these young men get drafted,” explained Dilfer.

Vincent has already sent out messages to draft prospects asking them to keep social distancing in mind and not to publicize the invitation.

“We are contemplating several options that we will be communicating to you once details are confirmed. We want to ensure that you and your family stay safe while we develop the best way to give you a great experience and highlight your accomplishments as you are drafted into the NFL.”

The NFL Draft will take place April 23-25 and good or bad, it’s shaping up to be unlike anything we’ve seen before in the history of sports.

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