WATCH: Police pull over car in high-speed chase with couple driving to hospital to give birth


RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CNN) – A driver involved in a police chase in New Jersey turned out to have a pretty good excuse for speeding.

Dash cam footage of the incident, which happened back in September reveals an officer signaling for a car speeding down the highway with their hazard lights on to pull over. The car keeps speeding away for some time before finally pulling over.

The officer approaches the car with his gun drawn, not knowing what to expect, when he realizes the woman in the passenger seat is in labor.

The officer can be heard asking “What’s the problem?”, to which the driver replies, “Officer, we got a water break. I’m going to the hospital. She’s pregnant,”.

Troopers then escorted the couple to the hospital safely.

The mother and baby’s conditions are unknown.

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