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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police released two separate depositions with investigators speaking to Officer Joshua Lippert in the hours following the shooting of Jocques Clemmons and again days later.

The district attorney general announced Thursday the officer won’t be facing criminal charges in Clemmons’ death.

During the interviews, Lippert described the traffic stop to police, start to finish, including the moment Jocques Clemmons’ exited his vehicle.TIMELINE: Police shooting of Jocques Clemmons

“When he was exiting the vehicle, he reached down to his waistband and grabbed something,” the officer explained.

Moments later, following a chase and two separate confrontations, Lippert explains that Clemmons picked up a pistol that had fallen to the ground and began turning toward the officer.

“He looked me dead in the eyes, and I could see the little wheels turning inside his head. He was fixing to decide whether or not he needed to shoot me,” said Lippert. “He was fixing to kill me. I truly believe he was fixing to kill me.”

Officer Lippert fired three rounds. Clemmons, 31, ultimately died.MORE: Autopsy confirms Jocques Clemmons shot 3 times, grazed once

After securing the scene, the officer said he attempted to render aid while waiting for medical professionals.

“I actually grabbed his hand,” said Lippert. “I was trying to render aid, or some kind of comfort to him.”Click here to read more about the Jocques Clemmons case.