(CNN) — A series of surveillance videos show some crazy confrontations between bears and people inside a California gas station and a supermarket over the past month.

One video, recorded Aug. 30, shows a bear lying on the floor, eating candy and crackers.

Another video, recorded Aug. 12, shows a bear inside the store. A customer swatted its backside and it ran back outside.

Another video from Aug. 29 shows an employee, Paul Heigh trying to prevent a different bear from entering the store. But he quickly backed away after the animal lunged at him.

“It was kind of scary. Yeah, I’m not going to lie,” Heigh said. “Not in the job description no….not at all… fighting off bears was not in the job description.”

Another video shows a bear inside a Safeway Supermarket.

“The bear should not be going into buildings where someone could shoot him or kill him or the department of wildlife could kill him,” said Ann Bryant of the Bear League.

Bryant says the organization has reached out to both business to discuss how to prevent more of these interactions.

Experts say Pine Sol cleaner works as a good deterrent for bears and also recommend businesses disable automatic doors so they can’t just walk inside.