Viral video raises concerns for the safety of Broadway patrons


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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A viral video showing an intoxicated man get sideswiped by a car is sparking yet another debate about safety on Lower Broadway. 

The 19-second video has been viewed more than 50,000 times on Instagram and Twitter. The shortened clip shows a man stumbling off of a Nashville Pedal Tavern into the street as a car is going by. The man hits the ground but is narrowly missed by the wheel of the vehicle.

 News 2 spoke to the owners of Nashville Pedal Tavern who say the man was not one of the customers. A private party was ending its tour when the gentleman jumped onto the entertainment vehicle without invitation. 

“The group yelled “stranger danger” as instructed as part of our safety guidelines. This is when both the driver and group told the man to leave immediately. He then got off and stumbled into the car,” wrote Brian and Angie Gleason, owners of the company. 

The detailed statement sent to News 2 goes on to say, “This video is not a Nashville Pedal Tavern issue but is clearly an over-intoxication issue.”

Still, community organizations like Safe Fun Nashville say the video is disturbing and raises concerns about the safety of patrons on Broadway. 

“I don’t know what could have been done differently in that situation. That’s pretty unique,” said Jim Schmitz, a member of the organization. “It speaks, maybe a little bit more, to the level that Lower Broadway has gotten out of control. Maybe even above and beyond what we are talking about here with party vehicles.”

Schmitz said Safe Fun Nashville would like to have a collaborative discussion with business owners and leaders in the transpotainment industry about enforcing more common-sense safety protocols. 

“If you’re really going to be a hospitable host for people who are coming…it’s your obligation to do what you can to help keep them safe while they are your guests. And I don’t think as a community…I don’t think as an industry… I don’t think we’re doing that,” said Schmitz. 

Pedal carriages are already regulated by the Metropolitan Transportation Licensing Commission. Larger entertainment vehicles are not.

In a statement to News 2, owners of the Nashville Pedal Tavern wrote: “We support the push for safety regulations and guidelines, but we believe they should be industry-wide and not just for “Pedal Carriages”.  We do not agree with assumptions that every company is dangerous; especially when assumptions are put before investigation, such as the case with this video.”

Nashville Pedal Tavern guests are screened for excessive intoxication before and during their tour. 

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